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For the "Do It Yourself" type of home owner below is a detailed guide on how to re-hang your closet doors with new rolling bypass door tracks for smoother operation.

 1. Remove the closet doors: Removing the aluminum guide at the bottom will make this easier - also remove the four small wood blocks on the upper front of the doors these keep the door from coming off the track. Careful lifting the doors they are heavy!  
 2. Remove the original wooden track: This can be done with a wrecking bar. Be sure to take out all remaining nails and/or screws.    
 3. Measure the inside height of the closet: Measure the inside from the floor to the ceiling. Subtract 3-1/4" from the measurement - this will give you the new height for the doors.    
 4. Cut the doors to height: Measure from the bottom edge of the door and mark at the new measurement - cut doors at the top. You will need to use a circular saw with the appropriate blade and a guide for a clean straight cut.    
 5. Install the rollers: The Roller brackets attach to the top edge of the doors (note there are 4 rollers 2 pair - the pair are different - 2 have a shorter offset 2 a longer offset) install the rollers at a distance between 2-3/4" and 3-1/4" from door side edge. Install only 2 screws in each roller for now to allow for adjustment. Note that the rollers with the shorter offset are installed on the Outside Door - this is important for proper spacing and line up with the aluminum door guide.  
 6. Measure closet opening: It is best to measure this at top of the closet. Using a 2x4 rip the length so that you end up with a piece that has a cross section of 1-1/2" x 1-5/8" then cut this piece to lengh approx. 1" shorter then the opening dimension. Orient the piece as shown butt it up against the existing piece. Pre-drill and install with 3" #8 screws.  
 7. Install steel track: Follow the provided instructions - with the exception that the front of the track needs to be 3/4" from the inside of the trim piece - and you will also need to drill additional holes next to the existing ones approx. 1/4" to either side. Be sure to orient the track with the hook shape facing towards the back of the closet.    
 8. Install doors: Hang the inside door first followed by the outer. Tilt the door in and hook the wheels into the track - slide back and forth to make sure the wheels are securely in the track and the door glides freely.    

 9. Install the aluminum door guide: The guide may need to be repositioned to insure that doors are perindicular to floor. Use a level on the door to check this.

 10. Make final adjustments to the rollers to level doors and set the gap at the bottom which should be approx. 1/4"-3/8" add third screw to the roller brackets.  

 11. If the doors have been previously cut at the bottom and the door guide groove is gone - use the guides that come with the bypass door track kit. It is also recommended to use these guides if you have a three door closet.

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 Enjoy the smooth travel of your re-hung doors!!